Legal services for individuals and small businesses throughout southern and mid-coast Maine.  I provide legal analysis on real property issues and real estate transaction assistance.  For business owners I can assist with formation (LLC, Inc.), contracts and disputes.  For many matters I offer services at flat-rate pricing.


Looking to buy or sell real estate in Maine? I can assist with the sales process and provide guidance on legal issues that may come up.  While your real estate agent can help with the general purchasing process, there are often questions that may arise that they will not be qualified to answer.  Whether it is a small condo or a large piece of land, or anything in between there can be problems that you will want to resolve before the final purchase.  I offer a flat rate service that provides assistance for this process.

Having trouble with a neighbor?  I have helped many people with problems with their neighbors, be it a right-of-way, an encroachment, nuisances or disputes over the boundary line.  Often disputes such as these can be resolved once both sides understand the legal issues involved, and potential liabilities.  I can provide a legal opinion the analyses the facts as shown in the relevant deeds, surveys and other documents that may be relevant.  If a resolution cannot be found, I can represent you in litigation.

Starting your own business?  I can assist with helping decide what the best options are for establishing a company in Maine, and filing the required legal documents.  I provide Registered Agent services at an affordable annual rate.  Agreements and contract drafting and litigation.