Available for download are articles on the fundamental laws governing private property in Maine, and guides for landowners. All written by attorney Elliott R. Teel.

Right-of-Way Easements – A comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the establishment, use and termination of easements in Maine. (revised May 2017)

Adverse Possession and Maine’s Tradition of Permissive Use – Case note: Weeks v. Krysa  (revised July 2015)

Save Your Maine Family Camp – Article on options for preserving a family camp over the years.

Maine Landlord Guide – This guide provides the essential information for those who are looking to be, or are already a residential landlord in Maine. (Contact me for this article)

Recreational Use Statute – Maine law protects most landowners from liability when they allow recreational uses of their property.  (revised July 2015)

Hunting Rights on Sold Land – (Q & A original published in Village Soup, May 2011).

Copyright can’t cover the name of a person – (published in the Bangor Daily News, November 2010).